Ahhh, what a nice sense of release. The moment I sit back down in my car, after having baked, decorated, packaged , delivered and set-up the cake. The now empty car. Empty space, empty boxes. I feel this wonderful sense of calm and almost freedom, and yet somehow I feel a little alone. My mind is aloud to wander once again to topics other than color blending, paint brushes, lighting and so on. Perhaps I'll call this the empty kitchen syndrome. Similar to the empty nest, when your kids leave. I've baked, nurtured, and made these cakes who they are today. Go out cakes! Be beautiful! Go and see the world! Make me proud. Sniff, you'll make me proud. I know you have it in you.

On a slightly more serious note, here are the cake details. We have a marvelous four tiered cake, comprised of all chocolate cake with two different fillings. Two of the tiers are chocolate and raspberry and two are chocolate mocha. Then they are iced in butter cream and covered in fondant. The scroll swirls are done in butter cream. We were so fortunate to be a part of this wedding as well, as it was for our dear friends Kate and Adam. Mazel tov!

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