The Barr's

Well, there she is. The fattest wedding cake I have ever made. In hind sight, I should have figured it was too big. But in the thralls of it all, I couldn't stop once I got rolling. And just like a snowball, it grew and grew. I like to think it's so big because it's so full of love. And deliciousness. Many thanks to the hands that helped make the flowers. It was the camp family love that started the cake last weekend, making gum paste flowers at midnight. But hey, that's how you make those memories that you smile and look back on. This extra special cake was for two extra special people, our best friends Luke and his dear Karlen. Many years of love and laughter to you both.
As for the details, the cake is a custom one, with inspiration from a cake by the Cakegirls. The bottom is a 16" chocolate cake with mocha filling. The second layer is 14" and is vanilla cake with an orange icing and orange custard. The top is 12" and is chocolate cake on chocolate filling. The initials are hand written in chocolate, and the flowers; hand made gum paste. A true labour of love.
I have a couple of people to thank for this one. Giles Ringer, of AGR photography for his beautiful photo of the cake. And a good friend, Albert Meijering for making me custom cake boards to place the cake on. Thanks Albert and Giles.

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