Sam I am.

lots of cakes being shown off tonight.
they are all wonderful however the subject content may be questionable.
you will see both cute and graphic, you've been warned...

Introducing Sam!

I leave specific instructions with the staff, "my camera is on the desk, when you're done, please photograph your stuff".
Cakes, cookies, anything.
Sam's gonna kill me when she see's I've posted this one for all of you to see :)
She's the shy one

But I found it fair and square and when I went to format up some photos it made me smile.
Sam's super-duper talented. She came to us as a baking student, and as we set up shop, I was excited to have her and Melissa (from the Pastry Chef program at Louis Riel)

Sam does cute REALLY WELL.
So cute.
Doesn't that make you want to swoon? C'mon, everyone now....

The next one needs some warning though, you will probably NOT coo over this cake. You may vomit. Just sayin...


So fantastically gross!
Isn't it gross and wonderful all at once? We all couldn't stop being grossed out by it. Love it.

She's awesome at figurines.
Check out these two that sat on the top edge of one of our wedding cakes this past summer...

And knowing that one day we would have to do the infamous "fancy shoe" cake, I enlisted her help for this one.

And the Wiggles.

And she had a hand in helping with my favorite wedding cake yet. Hand rolled pearls :)
Thanks Sam!

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Confectionary Designs said...

Really great cakes! I want to 'put on' the shoe!

SweetThingsTO said...

Very talented!