guitar fest!

People seem to love giant guitars. I thought this blog post would be fitting since I took yet another order for a guitar cake today. These were all great events too. The top one was for the launch party of a new radio station, Pure Country 94.7 based out of Manitoba's own Peguis First Nation. Very cool. We have a radio ad with them too and it's so neat to hear our name like that on the radio...I'll try to link it onto here for y'all...

This purple guy was a remake of an actual guitar owned by one lucky groom. His bride wanted to surprise him with it on their wedding day, a "grooms cake". Pretty big tradition in the states, starting to catch on here. We've done a couple, I'll do a whole post on grooms cakes soon. Did some pretty fun ones this summer.

This was another for-real remake for a birthday party.
Rock on, you musical cake eaters!

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