the good ole days

Well folks, I've gone and done it. A chronic procrastinator and unfinisher of most projects I take on; I proudly have a statement to make.

I have a bakery.

I've stared at these two pictures to have them burned into my brain. We'll look back at them and say "look how young he was" and "remember when it was painted black?".

Below- "that's my Nana's step chair" and "we partied hard that night, remember? it was my birthday".

I hope you come to see us, 85 Arthur.
Watch your inbox and the blog for the opening day announcement.
We'll also have a kick ass grand opening party.
Because really, when am I ever going to do something this big again?
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Carly said...

Congratulation Pam! You are awesome!


Jenny said...

Please post more pics! You are such an inspiration...I would love to open up a little bake shop.