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Moving up from my building inspector post, I wanted to stay chatting about business if that's okay with you folk. I have had the opportunity as of late to be chatting about my business quite a bit. And like anything, confidence comes with practice.
Practice, practice, practice.
I played the organ for ten years. I hate practice. The beauty of the practice now is not in the repetition, the mundane scales and triads and the same songs over and over. Now I can tell my story, pitch my idea and chat to a broad audience. From family, friends, customers and past clients, to all the new folk that I have met while setting up shop. Scott from OnBusiness, Martin from Barter, Jason from Kijiji. The list is becoming quite long. What I love most though, is that classic Winnipeger line..."oh ya, I know that guys brother"...or sister. Or his neighbour, used to work for the guy, then my cousin went into business blahblahblah....everyone knows everyone. Which is awesome.
It is, as you know, a small world after all...

But I digress. The point of my practice speech was how I have built confidence in my business, in who I am, what I do, how I do it. The choices I've made. My business did not start on a specific date, it's been growing and growing for two years now. It's a hard way to start out, but strategic thinking in this industry is crucial, so I am glad to have had the time to plan, to think, to learn. All while practicing. Practicing the consultations, the cakes, the designs, the baking. As I sit and wait for my consult this morning, I'm no longer shaky with nerves. The adrenaline saved for a new task.
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