my first wedding of 2010

This past weekend was wedding filled. Both Winnipeg's biggest wedding show, the Wonderful Wedding Show and a lovely wedding cake had my time all booked up wedding style. Which is a nice change this time of year. Coming off Christmas and all of that richness and now planning for Valentines, with more chocolate richness, the wedding chat is often about fresh flowers, summer days and outside parties.
This wedding cake was lovely, we merged two of Mrs. Stewarts classic cakes to create our own version. Two tiers of vanilla bean cake with lemon curd and Swiss meringue butter cream, and the bottom cake was rich dark chocolate cake with cocoa swiss meringue. Then we topped each cake with blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. A refreshing burst of berry goodness mid-January.

As I am finding with a lot of wedding cakes, fondant seems to have peeked and is on its way out, and it seems to be trending back to soft-stick-your-finger-in-it icing. The kind you ache to eat, and even as grown ups, have a hard time not shoving our finger in the icing and swiping some. I'm excited to work on fantastic icings to meet this need, but fear for my already expanding waistline.
If you have not yet tried the swiss meringue.....oh dear god....you may not want to even start down that road...

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It was amazingly delicious too!