ahh...piece of cake...

I'd like to start one of the first blog posts of 2010 with a candid talk about business
(I'll throw some photos for all of you who don't, can't or decide not to read what I write.)
(no offense taken really, some blogs I just peruse the pics too ;)

These are some of the latest cakes, my photo editing/playing skills are getting better!

So 2009 blew the pants off of this little bakery. And if you read along, you know we are planning on opening up shop. Man alive, can I tell you the truth? I am not a business person.
Creator of vintage 1980's cartoon characters in fondant and then putting them on cupcakes?
Knowing that you need a permit to put up a sign?
Did not know.
Knowing if your best bet is to get a toner based printer or a laser jet one?
Also do not know.
This "did not know" list is endless by the way. Everyday I learn more. And by "learn" I mean am exposed to a whole world of things I didn't even know existed in the first place.

It's all good though. I'm excited to learn. Learning can be fun.
I just hope for a not too steep learning curve and for patient co-workers.
The co-worker part is not even an issue though, taken from the king of cake decorating (in my books anyway) as Duff says...
"I hired the most talented people I know....my friends"
One thing I can sleep comfortably knowing is that the people I am investing in and am hiring care. The whole decision to grow, to keep moving and basically to expand, meant that I'd have to hire help.
How can I convey to others the importance of this place? It's mine. My creation. My reputation. My time and energy spent for the last couple of years of my life. I need this to take me into retirement (not this exact job, but by creating my own work, I have my own destiny in my hands....) I would love to pass it along to whoever wants it in thirty years and sleep well at night knowing this foundation I'm building today is strong.

And like I had said, I'm investing in people who can appreciate that. I can sleep soundly as we lay that foundation. One less task or thing to worry and think about.
Which right now; is exactly what I need :D

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