yes, that's a cockroach.....

I am still kind of surprised that I am posting this picture.
On a cake.
Made from icing....
I have always wanted to be featured on cakewrecks, but on their Sunday Sweets posts, not on their everyday wrecks...I'm afraid this may come to haunt me.

In my defense, it's only what the customer asked for. This cake was for a retirement, and we wanted to encompass all the aspects of the career she was retiring from. Being in Community Health, Environmental Services, and bylaws, it drew up some interesting ideas.
Like cockroaches.
I had to google an image, as honestly, I've never seen a cockroach before, not in person anyway. I couldn't handle seeing the image on the screen. Gave me the willies every time I looked at it. Couldn't get it done quickly enough.

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