asking for help

Fun first birthday cake I did over the weekend. Michelle, my assistant extrodinaire did those fantastic leaves.
Brilliant idea.
I find now that I am getting busier and busier that I need more and more help. And like a big girl, I have learned and have started to embrace the art of asking for help. People always seem to offer, whether or not they truly mean it, and I have begun to surprise even myself by taking them up on it. With the new place, I knew I'd need bakery help. My good friend Jenn has bravely left her position to come and work for me. I've lined up an assistant baker and all around helper, part time, with Blake. And just yesterday I met on a serious note with a good friend who has agreed to be my very own Mary Alice. Andrea will lead up the office and take care of the paper. I am, afterall, just a baker :)
So with all of us lined up, ready to go, that bakery is going to rock.
It's becoming real.
Do I have my work cut out for me or what....
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