so fun

I love a bunch of things about this pic...

-cool cupcake liners. I'm happy to be able to make your cupcakes cooler with the use of fun liners. They are popping up all over the place (out in bakery world anyway...) and I've sourced out many. So if you order cupcakes, I would be more than happy to put them into a great liner for you. Should nothing really match, then I have wonderful chocolate brown ones that look great with everything.

-my lovely vintage cake stand. I have a love/hate relationship with cake stands. They add a lovely touch of elegance, something that those darn silver foil boards lack. They also bring up your cake a couple of inches, as though to say "hey, look at me! I'm the best cake around!". After spending so much time and love on your cake, I would prefer it to be brought to attention :) The hate part? I've misplaced, loaned out and lost probably 50 of them this past year. I need a better system...

-polka dots. I have nothing to expand on here, I just love polka dots.

My cupcakes come in all the flavours that my cakes do, and almost all of the icing flavours. Generally, I encourage butter cream, done in a nice grand swirl. Then we can top them up with any type of design element you can think of. Simple to elaborate, we can match your decor, flowers, favorite cartoon...the list is endless. They are priced at $20 per dozen.
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