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So many things to touch on with this post...where to begin...
Let's start with the owls. Am feeling the owly love around these parts lately. Owls to me, remind me of fall, and fall has certainly arrived. I haven't seen the sidewalk for a couple of days now.

I had the prestigious opportunity to be in my first wedding show this weekend, and with none other than Madeline of Madeline's Wedding's herself. It's been a real honour to work with her and her team as their "cake girl" and appreciate the lovely couples they send my way. Knowing their cake will be in a stunningly decorated room makes me even happier.

Madeline's hosted her very own wedding show, with her hand selected vendors at the St. Boniface Golf Course this past Sunday. I did up two cakes for the event and this is one of them.

So pretty.

Back to the owls...

In my excitement to do up some demo cakes with no limits to the design, I hit up etsy for some topper inspiration. I knew I wanted some cuties for the top and cuties I found. The world of handmade has exploded and places like etsy are a treasure trove of fun. I like to look through the "shop local" category and find some local artists. That's how I came across Heather Bays. I contacted her with some pictures and asked if she would consider making me these adorable owls for this show and away she went. These little guys arrived in the mail a couple weeks later and the rest is history. To see what else she makes and some other fabulous cake toppers, go here. Isn't she great? Just lovely work :)
Thanks Heather!
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