birthday number four....

This past weekend we celebrated my daughter Claire's 4th birthday.
Four years.
Time is a funny thing, a concept that I find hard to grasp sometimes. She also started nursery school this year, with a half nursery-half kindergarten class. She walks along with her "packpack" on, singing songs they learn, giant sheets of construction paper with sunflower seeds glued to them trail behind her. Talented kid. Can't wait to see how this child raising thing turns out ;)

Now onto this fabulous cake. This time last year I registered my business name and went on the quest of a logo. After admiring the work of Helen Dardik for quite some time, I asked if she did branding and she said yes. Eeeee! Thus, my beautiful logo and all the design elements that came with. Banners, business cards, stationary. I absolutely love it and all of her work.

When I asked Claire what kind of design she wanted for her cake she said kitties and puppies and I was drawn back to Helens blog, orangeyoulucky.
Who happens to be at the top?
Kitty and puppy.
Drinking tea, as I was.
I thought it to be fate....

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