Ahhh...peace has come between my laptop and I. I found a lost file. As you can tell, those who frequent by, the blog has been quiet over the past couple of weeks.
Suddenly, today... BAM!
Look at all the pretty cakes! Like this one!
By far, one of my favorites, mostly because it is all mine. No Martha Stewart inspiration, no pics off the internet. We sat over coffee one night and came up with the plan, and here it is in all her glory.

Soft beautiful green fondant, handmade gum paste flowers, all sizes and shapes, cascading down one corner, quilted trim around each layer. And the top? A beautiful sculpture of an embrace.

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Anonymous said...

Love this design! How many does this serve? I have my own cake topperto add to this if I chose this one.

Pamela Kirkpatrick said...

thanks! the 6" (top) serves 12, 10" middle serves 38 and the bottom is a 14" serving 78.

can custom do any sizes to get the quantity you need, give me a shout via email if yo'd like some prices!


tanis said...

Hi Pamela

my daughter and I have been looking at your web site and found this cake, which she loves. would have to make a couple of changes, but nothing drastic. just colours.
can you email me and let me know the cost, thanks Tanis

Pamela Kirkpatrick said...

Hi Tanis!
I'm unable to email you, there's no link to you, just this comment, so I hope you come by again and see!

It's a 6"/10"/14" that works out to be $550. The design, flowers, delivery, set-up and consultation are all included :)