princess jessica

ahhh, to be four.
Princess's are so real, the thought of being one, not so outlandish, and wearing that tutu puffy skirt to the grocery store? Completely acceptable. In our house, it's even encouraged.

I was excited to make this little ensemble for an old friend's daughter (isn't the world of facebook wonderful?) 6" banana cake, topped with a fondant crown and matching cupcakes for her little princess friends and guests.

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bridy said...

you did such a great job on this, I love it!

Anonymous said...

hands down...the best cake ever! and the decorations, jessica was just so in love with them! i was so excited to get this cake...it was like xmas eve for me (the mom). i put it together and the party got started. i couldn't have asked for anything better. thank you pam for making this cake for jessica. there really are no words to descirbe how wonderful your work really is. :)