My husband is on fire.

So are his cakes.

Why is he on fire? Probably because I've been giving him the fun jobs and subsequently he is really enjoying them. It really shows in his work. I have a couple of masterpieces to post from this last week of caking, and sadly, the funnest ones are his handiwork.
Now don't get me wrong, I love the help. In fact, I really need it. Business is booming and I cry a little inside if I have to turn down an order. So in my attempt to keep his attention and make it fun for him, I've been giving him some fun stuff. Like Harley's with flames, Dr. Seuss and that infamous dragon cake.
I'm begrudgingly making 96tiny little gerber daisies.... cute and all but certainly not a show stopper.
Can't stay pouty though, c'mon, look at that cake.
He does me proud :)

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