come and play.....

Oscar, Grover, Bert, Snuffleupagus, Prarie Dawn, Elmo, Ernie, Cookie and the Count. The gangs all here. Sure, we're missing a few players, but heck, that list of monsters and folk is huge! How do you even begin to make cuts? I should have held a reality show....that being said, here come new seasons of Top Chef and Ultimate Cake Off. Yay!
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Anonymous said...

i love these Pam!!!!! what is your cupcake cost? i am thinking ahead to Nicola's birthday in april, i think i need a birthday every month so i can eat your cake. not only are they the most beautiful cakes in winnipeg but also the tastiest. and i don't use the word tasty for everyone.


Pamela Kirkpatrick said...

aww (blush) thanks.

I generally do $20 a dozen. get them now while they're cheap!