no match for the chocolate

Boys will be boys I suppose. Having had two girls, I'm very capable of making flowers, cutesy polka dots, hearts and dresses. Dragons.....well, not so much. So for this gem of a cake, I enlisted the help of my partner in crime and all things cake...Jeff. Aside from baking the cake and covering it in fondant, Jeff made the entire thing. The dragon (which is completely edible and full of delicious chocolate cake), the unbelievable flame, and the small details that personalized it (those details being the Belgian flag on the shield). Our dear little Belgian friend was apparently no match for the fierceness of Mr. Chocolate dragon. Sorry Tom :)

And Happy Birthday Connor, hope you had a great day!


KatMoss said...

This is an incredible cake! Nice work on the dragon, Jeff!!

Utopia Burning said...

You guys did such a great job - it was a huge hit at the party, both with the bday boy and all his friends. I hope it's ok that I gave out your card to the kids, with a picture of the cake?