I absolutely could not wait any longer to post some pictures from my latest wedding. Good friends of ours, Meredith and Kevin, tied the knot (literally as well, more on this later) this past weekend and I had the wonderful opportunity to make their cake. Rich in traditions, their wedding was simply beautiful and classic.

The Crystal Ball room of the Fort Gary Hotel served as the back drop for the fete. The lovely couple pulled in all sorts of traditions; a reading from Robbie Burns (in a Scottish accent no less), gorgeous thistles, a hand-fasting ceremony, and a luckenbooth topped wedding cake.

Probably my favorite part (besides saying, "yes, in fact I did make that wedding cake" :) was bringing Claire and Wren along to the "ball". Sporting matching tartan dresses to match daddy, the girls spent the evening running and dancing, exploring the hotel and just being charming. A lovely day, perfect for princess Mar-diff. Congratulations you both!

Nil aon leigheas ar an ngra ach posadh!

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