Here she is, the 32nd year birthday cake. Still have an obscene amount left sitting on my kitchen counter (read- entire bottom cake) (eep). I have decided instead of making New Year's resolutions, I'd make birthday resolutions. Perhaps because I've already dumped those New year ones....

Anyway, birthday resolution one- don't eat that cake on the counter. Or any extra cake for that matter. Being your own boss has it's perks but certainly also has it's downfalls. Like finding something to do with extra cake. Resolution two is to go above and beyond my comfort zone. I've done a number of cakes now, and I've certainly developed a style that I enjoy doing. Now it's time to kick it up a notch. What I tried doing with my birthday cake was really a challenge. I tried inlaying one of the birds, so it has a smooth outside, instead of simply putting the bird onto the outer fondant layer. Tricky! I wasn't to impressed with the amount of time it took and the result so I only did one. Looking at it in pictures though, it looks a lot better. As most things do, I suppose. Step back and see it differently. I will definitely try it again.

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