Today I thought I would share some insight on wedding cake consultations. Since most weddings take place in the summer, January and February are a perfect time to meet and get all the details ironed out for your big day. It's also a great time to eat free cake :)

Here's a little sneak peak of a cake to come. Sometimes when working with brides and grooms, we hash out all sorts of great ideas. As we brain storm; more and more ideas start flowing. And often a number of questions arise. Like if you have a square cake, how do polka dots look on it? Does it flow well visually? What if we change the cake colors from a white cake with pink polka dots to a pink cake with white polka dots. I try my best to sketch out the image but I'm not terribly good at drawing, so what I like to do is make a "mock" cake. Actually put together the ideas and see how it will look in "real life". I use styro foam blocks and ice them lightly in butter cream, then cover it and fondant and decorate as usual. Then I play photographer and try to capture the cake in it's best form. Sometimes it's black and white, sometimes colour. I also like to search the web for inspiring pictures and ones that are similar to our ideas and create a collage to browse through. May seem like a lot of work, but when the big day comes, you can rest assured the cake will be nothing short of perfect...

Yours in cake,

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