100th POST!

Dear me! Where has the time gone? If you can believe it, this fine post is my one hundredth!


These past 100 posts have been some long winded ones, and my apologies if it's just some gratifying cake pictures you're after. But for those who know me, know that this is just the little cake business that could...And have enjoyed, as much as me; the growing and changing (and eating!) that has been happening this past year. As I put together my business plan (which I would like to note is complete :) I tallied up the cakes over the years and wow, this past year has just exploded with cakes. And for 2009, so far so good. It's barely April and I've beat out my grand total from last year. In 4 months!

If this is a sign of things to come, start sending in the resumes! I'm going to need some help!

Thanks to all of my patrons; from friends and family, to those coming by on the recommendation from their friends and family, and those who have found me on line and have told their friends and family. You have a huge hand in helping cake-ology become what it is today.
And for that, I am eternally grateful.

Thank-you :)


bmudry said...

You my dear are one awesome young woman and now business woman, I am so very proud of you, continued success. Load of love Mom

Lana B said...


Anonymous said...

Great work Pam :D