One of the lessons learned at our house this past Christmas season, is that less is more. We didn't overwhelm the kids with toys, just a few carefully selected and hand crafted pieces. Not too much for Christmas dinner food, just the basics (albeit too much of them anyway :) And when it comes to food, I have learned that going a little overboard for dessert is somewhat, or altogether unnecessary. After a full day of eating and unwrapping and then eating some more, seems no one is very interested in cake. Can't blame them, I didn't even want to eat it. That being said, I did, of course, thus needing to change into my pj's promptly after supper. Hey, it's my house after all....

So this little number, featuring a winter scene that wrapped around the cake, sprinkled generously with cute little birds and fir trees, is a gingerbread. Moist and dense. Turned out very well. It's layered with cream cheese icing, and finished with rolled fondant. We served it with home made caramel sauce and sauteed brandied apples and pears.

All the best to you in 2009!

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Emilene said...

pam, you are a genius!

should i ever get married, i think that cake is just what i want. gingerbread, nice!!!!!!!!plus it is just beautiful. perfect job!