Well, I have had a week endlessly full of creativity and accomplishment. I haven't been able to say that for awhile, and man, does it feel good. I've been sewing again in the evenings, there's some new babies coming soon and I want to be ready. I'm also working on styling up my basement space, as we hunker down for the winter and hibernate there. Pillows and stuffing are everywhere. I also got to make some cards with Joan, or "dealer" as she's known to some of us junkies. Once you start stamping and making cards I'm afraid it's an endless downward spiral. But what kept me most busy was caking of course. This week we had two unique cakes, which I love doing. This little gem to the right was for a birthday/house warming party. The colours and style tied in nicely with the decor, and her personal taste. It's a rich spice cake with butter tart filling, finished in rolled fondant. All caking aside, I even managed to fit in a show on Friday, and caught my favorite band, Nathan, playing at the Times Chang(ed). Just a lovely week. Thanks for stopping by.

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Katrina said...

Pam! This is amazing! They are all so beautiful! you are making me hungry. I just learned how to make icing the other day. very exciting!