Here's one of three cakes I made for my little nephew Caden last weekend. As it was his first birthday, they had many invites going out and needed to potentially feed 60 people, thus needing three cakes. Two serving cakes, one is pictured here, and one smash cake. For those who haven't been reading along, a smash cake is a small cake, especially made for the one year old on their birthday. Everyone likes to gather round, sing "Happy Birthday" and then watch as the wee one cautiously jabs his finger into the cake then into his mouth. Only to be intrigued and trying again. And again. This little cake all for him reduces your odds dramatically of getting a slobbery mashed piece of cake, as there is other cake to serve your guests. Caden's smash cake was all in butter cream, as the one shown here is finished in rolled fondant. Fondant is good, but doesn't smoosh well when shoved into your mouth. So it's a win-win scenario for all involved. A soft smooshy cake all for the birthday boy, and a pretty, slobber free cake waiting in the wings to serve your guests.
On an unrelated-to-cake note, I wanted to send out a big thank-you to my dear husband Jeff. Not only did he draw and create those three puppies for me, he's always part of the design and layout of each and every cake I've made. He's a sounding board and a true source of honesty for me. He's also my biggest supporter. Over the last month, I have been a stress case as I put together my business plan and work on a whole bunch of minor details. Name changes, blog updates, recipe testing, seminars and workshops. I have decided to place an advertisement in a local wedding magazine that should be out just before Christmas. So on top of all of the above mentioned, I also have ad copies due, I need a logo and I also need a blog that's so detailed I won't need a website. Needless to say, without support like you hun, I wouldn't be writing this. Thanks Jeff.

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Angie said...

How lots of stuff going on! Is cakeology the name you've decided on?
What do the logos look like? Haha, Im interested in this. You should let us vote for our fav.