Back at it again.

Well, with something new comes learning curves. Some you can pick up on earlier, some take some practice. I'm not a big fan of practice anymore. Seems with age comes a shortness in patience when doing new things. After many unsuccessful attempts at posting picture, changing fonts etc., I have yet to post on a regular basis. So now comes the promises. I promise to post once a week. Is that enough? Too much? I'd like people to stop by frequently to see new pics. Yes, let's make this once a week. At least.

Here's on of my favorite cakes I've done. The outside is fondant, tinted a light mauve, the mosaic tiles are done in white chocolate. The cake is three layers of different cake, the top is spice cake with cinnamon filling, middle is lemon cake with raspberry cream filling and the bottom is chocolate cake with a mocha filling. Not just visually delicious.....it's tasty too.

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